v2.5.1 Release Notes (07/15/2019) : Helpdesk

v2.5.1 Release Notes (07/15/2019)



  • The "Notes" section of an offer description is now scrollable
  • Tooltips copy in the Advertiser global events section
  • Reports "Manage" renamed to Reports "Saved & Scheduled"
  • "Analytics" section reordered below "Reporting"
  • Dashboard loading times are improved (we don't have hard figures for this unfortunately but it should be quicker)
  • Saving a post conversion postback no longer redirects you to the wrong page
  • Phone Number added to Partners' Applications
  • Removed the "File Request" email template from the UI as it was no longer being used anywhere
  • Added tooltips on the "Total CV" field in the reports
  • Removed the line break in the raw clicks CSV files
  • Querying the reporting API now only (and exactly) returns the requested timeframe, regardless of timezones / DST changes
  • Standardized the naming around the concept of conversions / post conversions : 
    • "Post Conversion" ==> "Event"
    •  "Base Conversion" ==> "Base"
    •  "Conversions" means both
  • Event Report generates quicker now
  • In Reporting, "Total CV" opens up all approved and throttled conversions 

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