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Partner Referral Program

The referral program allows Partners to recruit potential customers to your program and earn referral fees for that recruitment (with specific T&Cs applied). The feature allows for referral reports with payment information, and is viewable both in your network portal and your partner's portal. Referral payments appear as line items in partner invoices as part of the billing process.

There are two ways that you can configure Partner Referral Program:

1. Global configuration for all partners

To get started: Control Center - Configuration > Partner Referral (this is dynamic, so it may show Affiliate/Publisher depending on what name you're using for Partners) > Click Edit.

Once enabled, you can create a default configuration for all Partners under the Global Setting card. 

You can choose to pay your Partners by either 1. A flat fee (immediate payment when the referred partner is Approved on your side) or 2. A Percentage of what the referred partner generates. Additionally, you can choose to pay your partners based on the referred partner's generated payout, profit or revenue.  Lastly, you can apply a minimum earnings threshold to be required before paying associated commissions and define a time duration in which referral commissions are active.

Example: You choose Percentage, rate 10%, type Payout, and duration one month: If Partner 1 refers Partner 2, and Partner 2 earns a $100 payout during that one month, then Partner 1 would get paid $10 (10% of 100) for recruiting them.

Please Note: If you enable this feature with Percentage, you can start paying your Partners for their retroactive recruitment over your set Duration. To do this: Partners - Manage > Choose Partner - Edit > Under 'Referred By' you can assign the Partner that referred them.  As soon as you assign this, the referring Partner will start earning a percentage for the following Duration.

2. Partner level configuration for specific partners

You also have the option of enabling this feature only for selected partners. To do this, go to Partners - Manage > Choose Partner - Partner Referral Setting card on General tab - Edit. If you already have partner referral enabled at a global level, here, you can disable or customise it for selected partners as well. 

How do my Partners start using the Partner Referral tool?

Your partner can find their unique sign-up link in their portal by going to Company > Settings. Any approved new partner who signs up using that link is automatically associated with the "Referred By" partner. 

Or, you can retroactively assign a Partner as the referral of another Partner. To do this: Partners - Manage > Choose Partner - Edit > Under 'Referred By' you can assign the Partner that referred them. 

How do I view a Referral Report?

You can find a breakdown of referred partners: Reporting - Partner Referrals. The Total Amount column represents the sum of all billed referral commissions. Keep in mind that an amount will not be displayed until an invoice with referral fees is generated as the total depends on the invoice period. 

How do referral payments appear on Partner invoices?

Referral payments are automatically added to partner invoices as a line item as part of the billing process once the minimum threshold is met. To view: Partners - Invoice > Choose Invoice - Details card.

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