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Variance report

The Variance Report can be found under Analytics > Variance. The purpose of this report is to easily compare the performance between two different time periods on data points such as affiliate/partner/account manager/offer/advertiser etc.

Step 1

Set up the report by first selecting the below breakdown.
Previous period: Date range used for comparing selected data
Current period:  Date range used as the current date range for analyzing selected data 

Parent: Data point used for comparison, such as affiliate/partner/account manager/offer/advertiser etc.

Child: Further breakdown under the selected parent data is possible here

Step 2

Once all filters and periods have been selected, run your report. You will see the 3 different sections in the report.

Summary Card: Overview of all important metrics with a quick comparison between the previous period and current period.

Reporting Graph: You are able to see the report data in a chart view and you can compare the current period against the previous period for different metrics.

Data: You can also see a breakdown by the different metrics in a table format with a clear % difference between the two data periods. The example below is displayed when 'offer' is selected as the 'parent.'

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