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SmartSwitch V2

Based on your feedback, we have made a few enhancements to the wildly popular SmartSwitch! Please find a brief overview of the changes below. 

1. There is a new option to enable/disable notifications regarding an existing rule. Please note that even if "Notify Partners" is turned on, your Partners will not see the notifications if they have disabled notifications from their portal. 

2. "Notify" the Partner if traffic is not meeting KPIs, in addition to the existing Block or Fail options.

3. Easily copy an existing rule using the toggle on the far right.

4. View History tab in your main view which contains two exciting new functions. 

  • Filter by Rule, Offers impacted, Partners, Variable, Status, rules Created After, rules Created Before, rules Blocked After, and rules Blocked Before, which allows for a more granular historical view of rules used.
  • Select rules using the check boxes on the left hand side to apply specific actions such as Block, Delete & Whitelist. 

5. Network users' notifications are now aggregated for each run. Instead of having one notification per blocked variable, you will get only one notification per run; you will get the list of blocked variables. You must have your notifications turned on to receive these notifications. In the event there are more than 5 blocked variables in the list, you will see the message "and more..." directing you to check the console. 

6. To create a Traffic Control using your list of blocked variables, first open the rule, navigate to Blocked Variables, and in this section, you will now find a button to Convert to Traffic Controls. Use this if you wish to permanently block the variables flagged by SmartSwitch. 

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