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Added Option for Express Offer Setup

Use Express Offer Setup to add offers that need minimal fine tuning. 

In your Offers > Manage view, use the dropdown arrow indicating an additional option for adding an offer. 

Using this Express option to create your offer bypasses some in-depth settings and expedites setup process. The edit view still allows for full detailed settings to be configured for "Express Offers." 

Settings available in the Express setup:

1. General

  • Name
  • Status
  • Advertiser
  • Category
  • Currency
  • Labels
  • Base Destination URL
  • App Identifier
  • Preview URL
  • Internal Notes
  • Description
  • Thumbnail

2. Revenue & Payout

  • Base Conversion name
  • Base Revenue Type
  • Base Payout Type
  • Manually Approve Conversions on/off
  • Allow Duplicate Conversions on/off
  • Fire Partner Postback on/off
  • Add Event

3. Tracking & Controls

  • Specific Tracking Domain
  • Conversion Method
  • Support Deep Links
  • Visibility
  • Enable Terms & Conditions
  • Unique Session Identifier (pre-filled to Cookie, 1 day)

4. Attribution

  • Enable Click to Conversion Time

5. Targeting

  • Device Characteristics
  • Geolocation
  • Connection
  • IP Ranges
  • Proxy Block on/off

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