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HTML Creatives

This is a tutorial on how to setup HTML creatives with Everflow. 

Step #1

Go to Offers > creative > add > Creative(not bulk):

**Height and Width are used for the Preview of the creative which is visible in the Network portal and the Partner portal. Recommended both are set to at least 100X100.

Step #2

Select HTML there. Then copy and paste the HTML there(using a creative from the file you sent me):

Step #3

Then add all the images(at the bottom):

Step #4

Then insert the macro for each image where it should go like so:

Should look like this when done:

Then save it.

Step #5

To dynamically insert the affiliate tracking links please use the {tracking_links}

Like this:

This will dynamically fill in the affiliate's tracking link that pulls the creative automatically so that all they have to do is run it and the creative will register clicks in Everflow.

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