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Traffic Controls provides advanced filtering for allowing or denying access to an Offer based on received variables, a whitelist or blacklist. Similar to Postback Controls, Traffic Controls are configurable for specific time windows, can be applied to all or selected Offers, Advertisers and/or Partners and are based on comparison methods such as "exact match", "contains", "starts with". Please note that this feature must be activated by a network admin; instructions on how to unlock this feature can be found here. 

Use Case Example

You have agreed with your Advertiser that you will not send traffic from sources which have been problematic in the past, so you want to automatically deny Offer access to that Partner's traffic source(s). You can then set up your Traffic Control to block those sources or device characteristics.

A How-To Guide

Step 1

Traffic Controls can be found in Offers - Traffic Controls. Click on '+ Add Traffic Control'.

Step 2

You will be taken to the General tab, as shown below, where you select a Status, Effective Between (optional), and the Offers/Advertisers and/or Partners to which you would like this Traffic Control to apply.

Step 3

You will be taken to the Control tab, as shown below. Here you will configure how your Traffic Control will function.

  • Control Type: Create a rule which either accepts (whitelists) traffic or rejects (blacklists) traffic.
  • Action: Choose whether the User will be sent to the Fail Traffic Offers, or is Blocked and sent to a dead page. 
  • Variables: Choose the Variable (sub1, sub2, sub3, sub4, sub5, referrer, source ID) to associate with a specific Comparison Method and Value, both of which will be defined in next steps.

  • Choose the Comparison Method by which the approval or rejection logic analyzes the variables and associated values. Possible Comparison Methods include but are not limited to "begins with", "contains", "does not contain", "equals". Please note that each Comparison Method has a character limit for its associated Value, which will be defined in the next step.

  • Enter the value(s) by line which are analyzed in relation to the chosen Variable(s) via the Comparison Method. 

  • Once you 'Save', you will be taken to a summarized list which includes the status and last modification date for each Traffic Control configured.


  • Q: Can multiple Traffic Controls affect a single click (Offer/Partner combination)?
    • A: Yes
  • Q: If multiple Traffic Controls affect a single Click, how does it work?
    • A: The click must satisfy ALL Traffic Controls that affect it. For example, if there is a whitelist and a blacklist applied, it must be both "not blacklisted" and "whitelisted" for the feature to properly function. If it fails one or the other, the Click will be blocked or sent to Fail Traffic (depending on the configuration).
  • Q: If multiple Traffic Controls affect a single click, in what order do we check against them?
    • A: Random order. There is no logic applied. 

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