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Ringba Setup Guide

Everflow doesn't currently offer a full integration with Ringba, but it's still possible to track your call and revenue data between Ringba & Everflow. Here are the following setup steps from the Ringba side to your side.

  1. You will need to set up your Ringba account
  2. You'll need to set up a landing page with Ringba's JavaScript tag, which will allow them to receive impression data 
    1. In order to do this, you'll need to set up a campaign with an associated attached Number Pool
  3. When a user reaches the landing page, the call tracking process will initiate 

Everflow setup portion:

  1. Create your offer with the base conversion and all additional PPCall events that you will be tracking in Ringba, and use Conversion Method: Postback
  2. Your offer's destination URL should be the landing page with the JavaScript, and include ?clickid={transaction_id}
    1. Example Destination URL: https://demoLP.com/clickid={transaction_id}
  3. Set up your offer's postback in Ringba for all base & additional events
    1. Example Base Postback: https://demoLP.com/?nid=(your EF ID)&transaction_id=[tag:user:clickid]
    2. Example Event Postback: https://demoLP.com/?nid=(your EF ID)&event_id=(your Event ID)&transaction_id=[tag:user:clickid]
  4. When the successful paid call event occurs, it will postback that data into your reporting

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