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Partner Channel Selector

This feature allows you to manage allowed Partner traffic channels by associating channels to Offers. You have the ability to create, edit and delete channels as well as to use the Channels within reporting and Offer overview screens as filters. Once an active channel is associated with an Offer, it will be visible in the Partner portal in the general details of an offer and as a filter. Examples of Partner Channels could be Email, Social, Banner, Pop-up, Incent, Adult, to name a few.

Enable this feature by going to Control Center > Roles > edit Role (via three vertical dots at end of the row) > Open Control Center> Select checkbox next to Channel.

Create and Manage Channels from an Offer

Create and associate existing Channels with an offer by editing the General card. Offers - Manage > click on the name of Offer > click Edit on the General card. 

Channels are available as a column and filter in the Offer overview screen:

Create and Delete Channels from Control Center - Channel

An overview of all Channels can be seen by going to Control Center - Channel. In this overview, you can create, edit and delete the Channels. Any Channels edited or deleted that are associated with an Offer will also be updated on the Offer level.

Channels in Reporting

Channel is available as a filter in all top-level reporting.

Channels in Partner Portal

Partners will see Channels as both a column and a filter within their Offer overview and in the general Offer details by going to Offers > click on the name of Offer.

Partners can filter by Channel in Reporting. 

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