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Create Offer Templates

If there are specific types of Offers that you build regularly, you can now save time by creating an Offer Template. Once your template has been saved with your desired targeting and settings, building out your next offer is as easy as replacing the destination URL. 

Step 1

Navigate to Offers - Offer Templates > Add Offer Template

Step 2

Name your Template, choose whether it will be your default and then 'Add Field' to establish the pre-set values you would like included on this template. Save.

Note: If you already have a default, enabling default on a new setting will replace it the previously saved default template.

Step 3

You may access your templates in the following two entry points. 

Step 3A

Using the toggle on the far right of the Offer Templates view, select "Add Offer from Template". You may also Edit, Delete or Set offer template as default in this view. 

Step 3B

From the Offers - Manage view, you may select your template when using the Add Offer button in the top right. A drop down will appear where you will select the template. Once you have made a selection, there will be an opportunity to preview the defaults before moving forward.

Step 4 

Finish creating your offer and save.

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