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Advertiser Portal: Getting Started

There are 2 ways Advertisers can be added to Everflow.

  1. Advertisers can choose to sign up via the Advertiser Signup Link. You can find this signup link in the login page of the network as shown in the below image, or the network can send the sign up link to the advertiser. This article gives additional details on the advertiser signup process - [CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO].The Signup form contains some mandatory and optional fields to collect data which will be used by the network to evaluate the application. Once approved by the network, the login information will be sent to the email address used in the Signup form.
  2. Advertisers can be manually added into Everflow by the network [CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO].

Once the Advertiser is successfully added to Everflow and logs in, the below information will help as a guide for understanding the platform.


This screen will give an overview of the performance of the offers that are currently live in the account. Metrics like Cost, Clicks, Conversions, CVR, Events, and EVR(event conversion rate) will be displayed for quick analysis. 


A list of all the offers setup for the advertiser account is shown in this page and clicking on the offer name will show additional information about the setup of that offer. The filters at the top can be used to sort and find specific offers. There is also the search bar at the top right which can be used to quickly look up specific offers.


An overview of all invoices generated for the advertiser account is displayed here, if invoice generation is setup for your account. Filter by different payment periods and balance amounts to drill down to particular invoices. 


FlexThe Flex report is a flexible and powerful report that allows numerous ways of breaking down data - by selecting multiple data points as columns in the report. It works similarly to a pivot table in Excel and multiple columns can be selected to further analyse the traffic. For more info on how the Flex report works please refer to this article - [Click here for more info]. (Please note that the flex report available in the advertiser portal has less number of columns and features than in this article)


Offer -  This report shows a top level view of the traffic and conversions generated for a list of offers. Please select the timeframe at the top left, then click the "Filter" button to filter by specific offers.

  1. After the report runs,  add or subtract metrics from the reporting columns by clicking the "Metrics" button.
  2. Choosing to "Copy Link to Report" at the top right will allow the report link to be shared with another person with the same login or same access to the platform.
  3. Settings at the top right will allow the change of the report's timezone and reporting currency. 
  4. A more detailed breakdown of data is shown if you click the offer name. It will then redirect to a drill down report where more metrics/columns to the report can be added to show details like carrier, handset, device, as well as affiliate IDs if that data is open to view. (The network must open it for the advertiser account, please reach out to the Everflow client to discuss this). 

Daily - This report shows the same data and has the same flexibility as the offer report, except its broken down by daily numbers. 

Conversion - This report shows a line item view of each conversion and event for the offers setup in the advertiser account. After the report is run, in order to see the difference between conversions and events, go to "Columns" and select "Event Name" and then hit apply. 


My Account - Here the company details can be added or reviewed. The option to reset the login password is also found here. If the network has created any API keys for the advertiser account, this will be also displayed under the API Key tab. Personal notifications can also be controlled here under the Notifications tab.

Settings - Advertiser can view the billing details setup for the account if the network has updated this section.

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