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Targeting rules added to Forwarding Rules

Feature Overview

This feature allows networks to add targeting rules to their Offers forwarding rules. This means that when a click does not match the targeting rules, the forwarding rule will not be applied.

* For a basic guide on Forwarding Rules and how they work - [Click Here]

Where is the new feature located?

Offers > View > Forwarding Rules > Add/Edit > 3: Targeting

How to use the feature?

Just like any targeting mechanism, in order to be forwarded, a click must match the targeting rules defined in the setup. 

For instance, if you wish to forward all traffic from UK to another offer, you will select United Kingdom in targeting. 

Pro-tip: Note that targeting that is defined for forwarding needs to be a subset of offer level targeting. In this case, you will need to make sure the United Kingdom is targeted at the offer level. 

Please Note: Targeting that is defined here only activates the specific forwarding rule. Users who are being forwarded to another offer on this forwarding rule will still see the tracking link associated to this offer before being taken to another offer URL. 

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