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Improved Bulk Editing functionality

Offers > Manage page

This functionality will improve the bulk editing located on the Offers > manage page here(upper right corner):

We will now allow different actions to be performed:

These actions are : 

  • Overwrite (for 90% of fields, this is the only one available) : The value is replaced for the offer.
  • Append : The values are added to the list if they are not already there. For example, to add targeting for a new region for some offers without removing the region targeting that is already present or adding a line to a description at the end.
  • Delete : The values are removed from the list if they are present. For example, you want to keep the current country targeting for multiple offers, but if some of them contain the country Canada you want to remove it. 

Partners > Manage page

In the partners > manage page please go to the bulk edit button in the upper right side of the screen:

Then select to add partners:

Below the selected partners box you will see the section to select what you want to change about the partners. Please note you can keep adding more fields. Then you click the "Preview" button at the bottom and it will take you to the preview page:

Then after previewing things please click "Apply" down at the bottom if you are satisfied

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