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EverXChange Overview - Everflow's Marketplace


This feature is meant to be a marketplace to help connect Publishers/Partners and Advertisers. You must have an account with Everflow to be part of the EverXChange Marketplace. 


EverXChange (EXC)

Publisher/Partner Market

This section is made up of cards that represent different companies who are Publishers/Partners. These companies own or represent various types of traffic sources in which they are looking for offers or campaigns. Below is an example card:

More Details

By clicking ‘More Details’ you will see a more thorough overview of the information displayed in that box.  

Apply Button

To apply to a Partner’s/Affiliate's traffic, simply click the "Apply" button. 

Use Existing Partner/Affiliate

If you already have an established partnership with a Partner/Affiliate listed in EXC, you can enable the toggle to sync to their existing account in your platform. If you choose not to use an existing Partner/Affiliate, it will automatically create a new Partner/Affiliate account, when they accept your invitation. 

Customize Visibility 

You may customize which Offers feed into the Partner's/Affiliate's platform for immediate access after they've accepted your application. 

After applying

After you apply, an application will be sent to the Partner/Affiliate and appear here in their UI:

They can then approve your application by clicking the checkbox and selecting "Approve" from the drop down menu. Please follow the steps here to complete the setup of the new Advertiser. 

After Approval
After you're approved to use this Partner’s/Affiliate's traffic: the tracking setup will be automatically implemented for successfully recording Conversions and Post Conversions. You will be able to select the Offers that will be visible to the Partner, and then those offers will immediately feed into their system, allowing them to start delivering traffic to them.  Once set up, the Partner is managed with the same process as your existing Partners.

Advertiser Market (Requires Special Invitation)

This section works in much the same way except the opposite of Partner/Affiliate Discovery. You may apply for Advertisers if you would like to bring in Offers from them. Your application will be submitted to them for approval just as it was for the Partner/Affiliate Market.  


This section is where you can see all of your integrations and to review or make edits.


Please see EverXChange documentation here: https://help.everflow.io/support/solutions/articles/22000233057-intro-to-everxchange


Please Note: The "Manage" section in this documentation has been replaced with "Feed". If you need to add an integration, you click the "Add Integration" button in the top right side of the screen. This is only for existing relationships, you already have an API key and would like to complete it manually. 


Q: How can I join the EverXChange and start discovering Partners/Affiliates and/or Advertisers? 

A: In order to get an account for the EverXChange Marketplace, you need to contact a support agent at Everflow and they submit the request for internal review. Becoming a listed Advertiser on EXC will be available to all Everflow clients at no charge. Becoming a Publisher requires a full review process, and will be available for a limited set of curated accounts.  

Once you’re confirmed for an Advertiser listing, the support agent will need to know the following: 

1) Listed Advertiser Name 

2) What are the top 3 Partner Promotional methods are you looking for (Native, Social, ETC.)

3) The top 3 verticals for your offers, 

4) If your offers are only for mobile/desktop or both

5) Your logo (if not included inside your dashboard)

6) Are there any types of Partner’s that you don’t want to work with: Publisher, Agency, or Ad Network

7) Company description under <600 characters.

8) Your point of contact name and email.

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