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Affiliate / Partner CPC Postback

If an offer is set for a Payout Type of CPC, affiliate/partner postbacks can now be fired on the click. The steps below can also be done within the Affiliate/Partner Portal. You can read those steps by clicking here. You can find out more about Payout Type by clicking here. 

You can add a CPC postback for your affiliate/partner by following these steps:

  • Go to Affiliates/Partners > Postback
  • Click on Add Postback
  • In the pulldown menu, Postback Type, select CPC. 
  • Automatically the Postback Level will be selected as Specific and Delivery Method as Postback. 
  • Select the affiliate/partner and the offer that you would like to add the CPC postback too. 
  • Add the postback to the Postback URL field. Add the macros required to pass relevant data. 
  • Hit Save. 

Please note that only valid clicks will fire the CPC postback. 

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