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KPI based Smart Link Routing

You may now create a Smart Link which optimizes towards a specific offer, based on KPI criteria of your choosing. 

Step 1. 

Navigate to Offers > Smart Links > + Add Smart Link (or edit an existing Smart Link).

Step 2. 

On the screen 1: General, you are required to enter a Name for your Smart Link, a Status for the Smart Link (Active, Deleted, Paused), and a Tracking Domain. Once you have made your selections, please press Continue in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Step 3. 

On the screen 2: Settings, you will select your Redirect Mechanism (KPI, Priority or Weight). In this example we will select KPI.  

Step 4. 

When KPI is selected as your Redirect Mechanism, you will be prompted to configure your KPI routing settings.

  • Data Collection Period Threshold (Customizable) - This is the number of clicks that the Smart Link must have received in order for the optimization algorithm to be applied towards your best performing offer or goal. 
  • Run Frequency (12 hours or 24 hours) - This is the frequency in which Everflow checks the previous data lookback window's clicks and performance. 
  • Metric (CV, CVR, EVR, Payout, Profit or Revenue) -This is the performance metric that you wish to optimize towards. 
  • Use Specific Goal (Optional) - If you enter a Goal Value, the algorithm will optimize your clicks towards the offer closest to your specific goal.
  • Data Lookback Window (12 hours, 24 hours, or 48 hours) - This is the amount of time Everflow will use to look back, and evaluate the performance of the traffic received. 

Step 5.
Save your settings.

After saving your Smart Link, you will return to the General view. On this screen, you will see an overview of your selected settings, as well as a new section called Run Record. Under Run Record you will see a full record of applied optimizations within the Smart Link. 


-> If any Offers are added to or removed from the Smart Link, the algorithm will reset and the allocation of the click will be set back to random. We are not able to reconcile previous data with the new Offer set. Your Date Collection Period Threshold will also be reset.

-> When evaluating performance of one offer over another, we are looking at performance within the Smart Link ONLY. Network wide performance of the offer is not considered. 

Please direct any questions or suggestions on this feature to the CS team directly, via the chat icon in the top right corner of your UI, or emailing Customer feedback is welcome and valued. 

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