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Manually Add Conversions in the UI

This feature allows you to add up to 50 Conversions via a quick form in the UI without a CSV upload. To access this feature navigate to Reporting > Imports > then click "Add Conversion" in the top right.

Alternatively, you can access this feature straight from Reporting > Offer or Reporting Affiliate/Partner by scrolling to the right and clicking the three dots > select Add Conversion.

This will open a form that will allow you to add Conversions for a specific date, or enable the "Now" toggle to add them immediately.

Once the Offer is selected, you can select the Base Conversion or specific Event. You can also provide values for adv1 through adv5 variables, sale amount, and notes.

PLEASE NOTE FOR AFFILIATE POSTBACKS: If the Conversion results in an HTML pixel, it will not be fired. Only Server Postbacks will work here since the Conversion is fired via the server and cannot fire HTML via the browser.

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