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Ability to log and require T&C agreement updates/renewals

You are now able to require existing Partners/Affiliates to agree to your Terms & Conditions before accessing the platform via the login page or the partner sign up page.  Additionally, you are able to log the date and time as well as the specific T&C agreements that a Partner agreed to, in addition to the User account and IP address from which the agreement was executed. 

Locate the Terms and Conditions card by navigating to Control Center > Configuration - Partner Portal. Here you can see the current T&Cs at the network level and a log of Partners' T&C agreements. You also have the option to revoke T&C agreements for all Partners. 

To edit and/or enforce/require approval of Terms and Conditions, click Edit.

Click on the three vertical dots on the far right of the row in the Approval log to either Request Approval by the Partner or View Terms & Conditions the Partner last agreed to.

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