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Advertiser Sign up Process

A new advertiser can easily sign up to a network using a sign up link from the everflow network account. Once their application is approved by the network, the advertiser details are automatically added to the everflow platform. Please note: that first the network user should enable "Show Advertiser Sign Up link" in Control Center > Configuration > UI Customization so that the sign-up links are working.

Where to find the Sign up Link ?
There are multiple ways in which the advertiser can sign up to everflow and the different options are listed below.

1. Please enable this by going to Control Center>Configuration>UI Customization tab:


2. An advertiser can sign-up using the general Advertiser Sign up link in the login page of the network.

3. The network can send the Signup link to the advertiser. Navigate to                         Controlcentre>Configuration>General>Links Advertiser Sign up Link to find this link.

4. The network user can also send customized signup Links to the advertiser and when new advertiser's use this custom link to signup, it automatically updates the 'advertiser manager ' field of the new advertiser in everflow. Navigate to Control Centre>MyAccount>Advertiser Sign up Link or TopRightHandCorner>? button> Advertiser Sign up Link

How to customize the Sign up Form ?

To customize the Signup form, navigate to Control Centre>Configuration>Advertiser Portal> Sign Up Customization

How to approve the new advertisers ? 

Once the advertiser signups up via the signup form, the advertiser details are shown under the  Advertisers > Manage:>"Pending" tab. Select the advertiser and you can then approve or reject the advertiser.

All of the sign up information captured in the signup form is also displayed under this advertiser in a separate section. After approval this information will be stored in a separate advertiser signup card under that advertiser.

How to Customize default emails to Advertisers ?

Once the advertiser is  signups, approved or rejected, a default email is sent out to the advertiser with additional information and you can customize these emails by navigating to Control Centre>Configuration>Email Templates

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