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EverXChange Marketplace: Advertiser Discovery for Partners/Supply

This article will focus on the steps to take once an advertiser is approved in your account via the EXC Marketplace.  Click here for an overview of the EverXChange Marketplace.

**Conversion tracking will be automatically setup between yourself and the Advertiser via the Marketplace. There is no need to set up a postback with the advertiser.

Approving Advertisers:

Applications for your approval can be found by going to EverXChange > Advertiser Discovery > Pending.

Origin - This column identifies if the application is incoming from the Advertiser for your approval, or outgoing waiting on the Advertiser's approval. 

Approve - If an application is Incoming, you can select to Approve or Reject. 

Setting Up Advertiser:

Once an Advertiser is approved (incoming or outgoing) you can see them added into Advertiser > Manage > Existing tab. The name will be in this format: EXC > ADVERTISER NAME. To complete the setup of the Advertiser go to EverXChange > Feed > Click on the name > Edit in General card. 

1) Integration 

    -Required: Update status to Active

2) Remote Offers

    -Required: Click on Fetch offers. 

3) Offer Settings

    -Required: Nothing is required here. Parameters and macros will be passed automatically into the Base Destination         URL for tracking. 

4) Partner Settings:

    - Required: Payout Percentage must be updated to the % of the revenue you would like reflected in the payout of             each offer. 

5) Controls

 - Required: Nothing. Offers will update based on the Advertiser's platform. 

Once the integration is saved the first synch will take place within 15 minutes. You will be able to see the number of offers created per Advertiser. You can now use the search bar on the top right to look up external offer ids. 

Click here for more details about the integration settings. 

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