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Veem Integration

Veem is an international payment provider. For more details on them please go here:

*IMPORTANT - Everflow will not make payments with Veem for less than $50 USD*

In order to integrate with Veem please follow these instructions:

Step #1

Navigate to Control Center > Integrations > Click on the Billing tab. 

You will then see Veem located here:

Step #2

Click "Enable" then enter in your credentials or create an account:

Step #3

After you sign in Veem will be enabled in your account. 

Step #4

You can now select Veem as a payment method in the Partner's section here: (Partners > Manage > Click the Partner > edit the Billing box):

If you select it there, you will have to gather the info from the Partner and input it in that spot. If you leave it on "None", it will allow your Partner to input their own billing information in from their UI. 

*In order to allow a partner to input their own billing info you must have "Enable Partners to update billing details inside their Partner UI" turned on in the Control Center > Configuration > Global Settings section*

Step #5

Once you or your Partner have entered in the billing information you can generate an invoice and hit the "Pay" button here:

For more info about how to generate invoices please go here:

Step #6

When you hit "Pay" you (payer) and your Partner (payee) will get an email. Example of the payee's email:

Example of the email the payer will receive:

You will then see the payment status in the invoice itself. It will be shown as "Pending" here:

Once the payment is successfully executed, you will see this status turn to "Success". Please note that the invoice will be marked as "Paid"in Everflow but you will need to check here for confirmation. This is found in Partners > Invoices > filter by Paid invoices > Click on the invoice number:

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