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Shopify Integration v2


The tutorial below walks through the process of setting up the Shopify integration. You can also watch a video here with all the steps. 

What is Shopify Integration?

This integration enables clients to input their Shopify credentials and automatically connect our app to their store. This injects all necessary tracking scripts and allows them to be managed on Everflow rather than Shopify. Although v1 did the same thing fundamentally, v2 streamlines the setup process and gives users many more options. 

Step 1

Navigate to Control Center > Integrations > e-commerce tab (across the top of the section):

Step 2


Add - this button allows you to add the integration manually with your own credentials 

Get Installation Link - this button allows you to send a link to your client, allowing them to input their own credentials. You will receive a confirmation email when they have completed this step

Step 3

Once completed you will be shown this setup page where you need to accomplish two things. Installing the click script and installing the conversion script. 

Step 4

Click script:

This click script is universal and does not require editing. It can be added as is and will automatically track clicks. If you would like to customize this script please reach out to the Customer Success team and we will send over instructions on how to do so. 

Step 5

Conversion Script:

Conversion domains - This is the section where you select which domain you would like to use to post conversions to Everflow with. The default should work fine for most cases.


         Offer - If you target one Offer that means that your Shopify store will only be active for 1 Offer only. 

         Advertiser - If you target one Advertiser it means that all Offers that are under that Advertiser will be active with that Shopify store. 

         Custom - this allows you to completely customize the script including adding in new liquid macros and adjusting  it however you would like. If you have more questions about this please reach out to support. 

Step 6

Once you click save, your script will be live on your Shopify store. Please now go to an Offer and generate a tracking link, click that link and place a test conversion. You should see that post in Everflow in the Report > Offers section. If you do not,  please reach out to the Customer Success team and we will help you troubleshoot. 

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