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Support Partner/Advertiser Manager in the Email Templates

Macros are now available to include Partner and Advertiser Manager details in email templates. These macros can be selected when editing email templates by going to Control Center > Configuration > Email Templates

The following Macros are now available:

  • Partner/Advertiser Manager First Name: {{accountmanagerfirstname}}
  • Partner/Advertiser Manager Last Name: {{accountmanagerlastname}}
  • Partner/Advertiser Manager Email: {{accountmanageremail}}
  • Partner/Advertiser Manager's Instant Message Software: {{accountmanagerimsoftware}}
  • Partner/Advertoser Manager's Instant Message Identifier: {{accountmanagerimidentifier}}

The above macros are available in the following email templates:

  • Account Activation - Either Partner or Advertiser info will be used depending on if the activation is for a Partner or Advertiser. 
  • Offer Share 
  • Application Status Change
  • Partner Signup Approval
  • Partner Signup Denial

To learn more about Email Templates click here. 

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