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Reporting filters now support exclusions

When running a report, you now have the option of filtering out data you don't wish to be included. This is possible via the Exclusions tab in the reporting filters:

With the exclusion function, you will be able to include and exclude data at the same time, but not from the same data category. When some data sets in a data category have been chosen to be included in the Filters tab, the same category will be greyed out in the Exclusions tab.  

In the report, filters are displayed with a green border, and exclusions with a red border.

Here is an example of how you can make use of the Exclusion function: 

You wish to see the performance of all except one affiliate/partner on a particular Advertiser's Offers in the previous month. You will select the Advertiser in the filters, and exclude the said affiliate under Exclusions, to get a report on filtered offers, excluding the data for the excluded affiliate.

Exclusions is available in the following reports:

1. Reporting - Offer, Partner, Advertiser, Smart Link

2. Analytics - Flex, Dynamic nested

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